Bundy Appraisal & Management, Inc.

Bundy Appraisal and Management, Inc was chartered March 1, 1992 to purchase the property management and the appraisal departments of Carolina Management Corporation.  These departments were developed for Carolina Management by Laurance Davis and Robert Bundy.

Bundy Appraisal and Management (BAM) is a team of seasoned and motivated individuals dedicated to providing high quality Property Management and Real Estate services in South Carolina.

Areas of specialization include:
Residential and Commercial Property Management
Accounting and Budget Management - Financial Analysis
Commercial and Residential Appraisals
Residential and Professional Association Management

Tenants are required to gross three times the rent amount, and must provide proof of income.  Each applicant will be evaluated in terms of their credit history by way of a credit report supplied by Experian.  Each application is reviewed individually.  Each applicant’s background will be checked for criminal history, drug activity or violent felonies along with public records including prior evictions or summons and complaints.  Upon request, we will reconsider an application with an explanation of derogatory information reported.  An additional deposit may be required if the applicant is considered.


Robert J Bundy is the President of BAM, our Broker-in-Charge and is the senior appraiser in charge of the Appraisal Department.  He also manages several of the property owner associations.  Robert began his appraising career in 1970 and has his CREA, CRP and GAA designations.

Katherine D. Bundy is the office manager.  She has been with the team since 1990 and is responsible for the accounting department.

Susan Trogdon is the head Residential Property Manager and Commercial Property Manager.  She manages over 500 residential units in Beaufort, and has been with the team since 1984.  She and Bob Bundy co-head our Commercial Rental Division.

Robert (Bob) J. Bundy, Jr. is the Head Community Associaiton Manager and Realtor.  He and Susan Trogdon co-head our Commerical Rental Division.  He has been with the team since 1999.

Mark Doulgas is our Head Condominium Regime Manager.  He is also a licensed Realtor and has been with the team since 2004.

Todd Keyserling is a Regime Manager and specializes in Real Estate Sales as a licensed Realtor.  Todd is also a licensed appraiser and has been with the team since 2013.

We also employ an office support staff of 5 full-tme capable, hard working individuals and a 24/7 maintenance division with two employees.